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Do You Need An Eye Exam If You Can See Perfectly?

The eye is one of the most needed parts of the body. Everything is perceived by them which gives us an understanding of what’s around us. You need to take care of it to enjoy the things in life. Having good eyesight means having a good experience with the things you love to do in every aspect of your life.

Experts to Help You

You are gifted with a perfect vision the moment you are born. As time goes by, eye conditions would appear due to some circumstances. It could be due to the deterioration of the body or by some external factors. Getting eye exams even if you can see them perfectly is a must. It helps detect the early stages of some eye conditions. It could also help you to maintain good eyesight by following some advice from your doctor.

There are different types of eye doctors that could provide you with eye exams:

  • Optometrists – provide general eye care, diagnose most eye diseases, and recommend treatments. They don’t do surgeries.
  • Ophthalmologists – are medical doctors that can perform eye surgeries that treat eye diseases. They are the ones that are assigned to deal with serious eye problems that are out of the optometrist’s scope.

Avoiding the Worst

There are some self-care tips you can do aside from seeing an eye doctor. It would help out on giving you the chance to enjoy life more with your clear vision:

  • Eat healthy foods and have a balanced diet. It should have a lot of vegetables and fruits, especially those green and yellow ones. Also include on your diet foods high in omega-3 fatty acids like fishes mainly halibut, tuna, and salmon.
  • Avoid being overweight since obesity increases the risk of having diabetes. Diabetes gives you a high risk of having eye conditions such as glaucoma or retinopathy.
  • Getting regular exercise for it helps in your overall health. It controls high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and diabetes which are the common factors that contribute to having eye conditions.
  • Better know your family’s medical history. There are eye conditions that are hereditary and run in the family. It would be helpful to know what they are to have some precautions.
  • Wear protective eyewear that fits the occasion. It would help in preventing eye injuries during sports or difficult tasks.
  • Remember to give your eyes a rest. Make sure to follow the three-20 rule: every 20 minutes, look away about 20 feet in front for about 20 seconds.

Taking care of the eyes reduces the risk of getting eye conditions that would make you suffer in the short or long run. Don’t take everything for granted so visit a doctor today to check your current eye condition.